What’s wrong with Real Madrid?

The first round of the Champions League saw Real Madrid lose to Barcelona. The Catalans managed to win the first three games, but then lost to the Basque club. The team was not able to perform at its best in the last rounds, and it is obvious that the players are not fully recovered.
The Spanish club is in a bad shape, and the team is not able even to compete for the title. The main problem is the lack of motivation. The players are tired of losing, and they do not want to play in the Champions Cup.
Real Madrid has a lot of problems, but it is not the first time that the team has lost to its rivals. The previous time, the team lost to Barcelona in the semifinals. This time, it is clear that the Catalans will not be able to repeat their success.

The team has a good lineup, but the main problem of the team in the current season is the fact that it is too weak. The club has only a few stars, and many of them are not able yet to perform in the first team.
Why Real Madrid has problems in the Spanish championship?
The main problem with the team of the Spanish La Liga is the absence of a leader. The coach has only Dani Carvajal, who is able to provide the ball to the players. The rest of the players have to be brought from the reserve to the first line.
However, the club has problems not only in the La Liga. The problem is not only the lack motivation of the leaders, but also the lack resources. The Madrid club has a very modest budget, and there is not enough money for the expensive transfers.
It is obvious, that the club is not ready for the Champions league, and this is why it has not been able to win any trophies in the domestic arena.
How can the club improve its situation?
It can do a lot, but first of all, the main thing is to find a good replacement for Dani Carvalho. The player is a great player, but he is not a leader and the coach has to find someone who can help the team to win trophies.
In the current Spanish championship, Real Madrid is not in a good shape, but there is still hope for the club. It is important to find the right player, who can replace the player who is not performing at the best.
You can always follow the development of the game of the club on the website of sports statistics. Here, you will find the results of matches of the main clubs of the country.
Main Results of the Season of the National Basketball Association
The National Basketball League of America is one of the most popular leagues in the USA. It has a large number of teams, which regularly play in different parts of the world.
This season, the league has already ended, and we can see that the main struggle for the gold medals is still ahead. The teams have already played a lot and it will be very difficult to fight for the victory in the final rounds.
Here, the most interesting games are held in the playoffs, where the teams will play against each other for the right to enter the next stage of the tournament.
Team’s Prospects in the Final Rounds
The teams have a lot to do in the playoff stage. The most important thing is the performance in the matches against the teams from the second and third places. The first team will be able not only to improve its position in the standings, but will also be able at the same time to get into the playoffs.
These are the main teams that will be in the fight for gold medals in the next season:
* Boston;
* Philadelphia;
* Portland.
Each of them has a decent lineup, and all of them can be considered as the main favorites of the season.
Will the Lakers be able fight for a place in the play-off round?
This is the main question of the NBA playoffs, and now it is very difficult for the team from Los Angeles to get out of the group. The Lakers have a good roster, but they have not been playing for a long time, and their coach is not very confident.
Many of the members of the squad are still in their prime, and some of them have already won the NBA championship. However, the coach is too optimistic, and he believes that the young players are ready to play at the highest level.
If the team does not change its tactics, it will not have a chance to get to the playoffs and will have to play against the main contenders for the champion title.
Lakers Prospects for the Final Stage
The coach of the Lakers is not confident, and his players have not yet played for a very long time. The squad has a number of problems that can be solved only in practice.
One of the problems is the poor defense, which allows the Lakers to get easy baskets. The other problem is that the coach does not trust the young team members. The young players have a tendency to make mistakes, and sometimes they are not aware of what to do.
At the same, the Lakers have only a couple of years of experience, and most of them were not very successful. The last season was not a good one for the Lakers, but this season is more difficult than the previous one.

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