What should BVB do next season?

The new season of the German Bundesliga has begun, and it is already clear that the main contenders for the title are Borussia Dortmund and Bayern Munich. The first of the two clubs has already won the title for the third time in a row, while the second is on the verge of a new triumph.

The Bumblebees have already shown that they are not going to give up on the title. In the last season, they managed to win the German Cup and the German Super Cup. They are also the only team that managed to get into the Champions League zone.
However, the Bumblebee team is not the only contender for the gold medals. Other clubs have also been busy in the transfer market, which has resulted in the following transfers:
* Schalke;
* Hoffenheim;
* RB Leipzig.
The main transfer of the offseason was the acquisition of the talented young player of Borussia. The young player is the young striker of the team, Mario Götze. The transfer of Götzes was a good decision, because the club has already managed to strengthen the position of the club in the Bundesliga.
Borussia Dortmund is now in a position to fight for the champion title. The team has a good lineup, which is very suitable for the new season. The main rivals of the Bündnisland team are:
1. Bayern Munich;
2. Borussia Mönchengladbach;
3. Schalekampf.
In the new Bundesliga, there are only a few teams that can challenge the Bürgers. However, the club is a real contender for gold medals, because it has a bright lineup, a good coach and a good transfer budget.
Will the BVB be able to defend the title?
The season of German football has come to an end, and the BvB team has already lost the title to Bayern. However the club still has a lot of chances to win back the title and to defend it for a long time.
It is worth noting that the BV team has not yet managed to fully recover from the losses of the previous season. In fact, the team has only managed to regain its position in the standings. This is a good sign for the future.
What are the main strengths of the current season of Borus team?
This season, the main strength of the Borussia team is its lineup. The club has a very good lineup that can be called a real “army”. The Bumblebeez have a good selection of players, which allows them to play in a wide range of positions.
This is also a good thing for the club, because this season the team will play in the Champions league. The lineup of the squad is also very interesting, because there is a lot to choose from.
For example, the following players can be mentioned:
· Marcel, who scored a hat-trick in the match against Borussia Dusseldorf;
· “Fritz”, who was the main star of the match;
• “Bastian” and “Lukaku” who scored goals.
All of these players are able to make a positive impact on the team’s results.
Another good thing of the lineup of Boruss team is the fact that the club does not have too many stars. This allows the club to focus on the main goals of the season, which are to win gold medals and to get to the Champions’ League.
Who will be the main favorites of the new German championship?
In this season, there is no doubt that Bayern Munich will be one of the main competitors of the “golden” team of the past season. This time, the Bavarians have a lot more motivation, because they have already won a lot in the previous seasons.
Moreover, the current Bayern lineup is very good. The current coach, Niko Kovac, is a great coach, who managed to give his team a good start of the championship.
Now, the ‘golden team” of the last year is in a good shape, and this is a clear proof that the team is ready to fight against the main rivals.
How the Bremen team will look in the new year?
Bremen is also in a very difficult position. The new season has already started, and now the team needs to find a good solution to the problems that it has been experiencing for a while.
One of the problems of the Mosel club is the lack of motivation. The previous season, Bremens lineup was very good, but now the club needs to focus more on the championship and not on the Europa League. The lack of a good game plan is also another problem of the middling team.
There are a lot things that the Mosen team needs from the coach. First of all, the coach needs to strengthen his lineup. Secondly, the coaching position needs to be strengthened. The Mosels need to find someone who can motivate the team and who can give the team a game plan.
Next season, it is very important to strengthen Bremes lineup. It is also important to find the right coach.

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