Should Messi have gone to the Olympics?

It is now very easy to follow the livescores of football matches. The competition in the world of football is very intense, and the number of matches is increasing rapidly. The results of the matches are available to the users in real time, which is extremely convenient.
The list of the top football matches in the history of the planet is very long, and it is impossible to summarize it here. The main events of the season are:
· “Manchester United” – “Liverpool”;
· “Barcelona” and “Atletico”, who both won the Champions League;
• Diego Simeone’s “Juventus” who won the Serie A;
● Manchester City and ”Manchester United,” the teams who have not yet won the Premier League.
It can be said that the season is very interesting, and this is why the fans are waiting for the results of all the matches.

The livescore of the most interesting matches
The season is coming to its end, and we can expect to see a lot of interesting confrontations. The most popular are: “Chelsea” vs. “Arsenal” (first round), “Bayern” against “Schalke”.
Many fans want to watch the matches in full, because they are very interesting and exciting. It is now much easier to follow them thanks to the development of technology.
Fans can follow the results in real-time mode, and they can choose the most convenient platform. The website of sports statistics is very convenient, because it presents the results from all over the world. The information is updated in realtime, which allows you to see the changes in a few seconds.
All livescored matches
Now it is much easier and more convenient to follow all the livescore matches. There are many websites that present the results, but the most popular ones are:


They are all very convenient and effective. They present the information in a convenient format and allow you to find the matches that are most interesting for you.
Thanks to the information provided by the websites, you can save a lot, because you can use the data to plan the future events.
Football results in full
The football season is in full swing, and many interesting confrontitions will take place. The fans can watch the results on the websites of sports statisticians. The teams that have not won the championship are in a very bad shape, because the main stars of the team are not in their best shape.
In the Premier league, the main favorites are: Liverpool, Manchester City, Chelsea. The first two teams have a long bench, which makes it very difficult to find a good game. The Chelsea players are tired of playing for the club that is not in the Champions league.
However, the team of Jose Mourinho is in a good shape. The coach is a real master of the game, and he knows how to use the maximum of the players.
He has managed to get the best out of the main players of the club. The team has a good lineup, which gives the coach the opportunity to choose the best players. The players of Mourinho are in good shape, and now they are able to perform at their best.
At the same time, the fans can see that the teams that are not at the top of the standings are not so strong. This is a good opportunity to watch their games.
Premier league results
The fans can find the results not only of the Premier liga matches, but also of the other championships. The following championships are presented on the website of the sports statistics:
* EPL;
* FA Cup;
* League 1;
These championships are very popular, and you can find all the results here.
Chelsea’sthe main favorites of the new season
The new season of the English Premier League is in progress, and there are a lot to be done. The previous season was very successful for the team, and Chelsea is in great shape. Now they are in the first position in the standings, and their main competitors are Manchester City.
This season, the club has a long list of problems, which can be summarized as follows:
1. Lack of motivation. The club has not won a trophy in a long time, and fans are looking for a miracle.
2. Lackadaisical playing style. The squad has no stability, and sometimes it does not play at its best. The lack of motivation is obvious.
3. Injuries of the leaders.
4. The team is not as strong as it was a few seasons ago.
5. Unstable lineup.
Despite the problems, the players are motivated to win the champion title. They have a good bench, and every player can be replaced.
You can follow their livescoring matches on the sports statistic website. It presents the information from all around the world, which saves a lot on time.
Manchester City’sprivilege in the championship
The current season of Manchester City is very successful.

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