New Chelsea coach or no new coach?

The start of the new season of the English Premier League has already shown that Chelsea is not a stable team. The Blues have a number of problems and it is now clear that the main problem is the lack of motivation.
The team is still far from the desired level, but it is clear that they are not ready to fight for the title.
Chelsea’s problems are not only psychological. The team does not have the right to play in the Champions League, which is a real shame.
However, the main thing is that the team needs to get back to the top of the Premier League. The results of the previous season showed that the Blues have not yet recovered.
They are still not in the top 4, and the team is not ready for the Champions league.

Chelsea is not the only team that is not in a good shape. Manchester City, Tottenham, Arsenal, and Liverpool are also not in their best shape.
In the new campaign, the Premier league will be very interesting, because the teams have a lot of chances to get into the Champions cup zone.
Will the new coach of Chelsea be the right one for the team?
The new coach will have a big impact on the results of Chelsea. The club is in a difficult position, because it is not yet ready to compete for the champion title. The new coach needs to show the players a new approach, because they have a long season ahead of them.
Despite the problems of the team, the new Chelsea coach will be able to give the team a new impetus, because he has a lot to learn from the previous ones.
It is clear now that the coach of the Blues will have to do his best to achieve the desired result.
Who will be the new head coach of Manchester City?
Manchester City is in the middle of a difficult season. The previous season was not successful for the club, and now it is obvious that the new one will be even worse.
At the start of this season, the team was in a bad shape, too. The main problem of the club is the fact that it is in no way ready to play at the top level.
Many fans expected a lot from the team and they were right. The players started the season well, but then the team lost its shape. The result was a poor result in the league and the Champions.
There is a good chance that the current season will be a failure for the Citizens. The coach of City is the first to admit that he is not able to solve the problems on his own.
He has to find the right partners who can help him to achieve a positive result. The problem is that many of the partners are not yet in the best shape, so the results will not be so good.
Manchester United and Liverpool will be interesting to watch, too, because both teams are in a similar situation.
What are the main problems of Liverpool?
Liverpool is a team that needs to improve its results. The Reds have a good selection of players, but they are still far away from the level of the best teams.
Liverpool has a number problems, too:
1. The lack of a good goalkeeper. The number of mistakes made by the goalkeeper is almost equal to the number of goals scored.
2. Lack of a number 1 striker.
3. Lackadaisical playing style of the players.
All these problems are obvious, but the team still has a chance to improve the results.
If the team can improve its selection, it will be much easier to achieve results. Liverpool is a great example of how to improve results. They have a great selection of football players, and they are ready to do their best.
How will the new Liverpool coach be able not to repeat the previous year’slive?
This season, Liverpool will face a difficult task. The squad of the Reds has a good number of players who are ready for a fight for gold medals.
This year, the Reds will have the following problems:
* Lackadaifeso selection of the main players. The first line of the lineup is not very interesting.
* Unsuccessful playing style.
Of course, the players have to improve their game, but this will be possible only if they have good selection.
New coach of Liverpool will have his work cut out for him. He will have many problems, because many of his players are not in shape yet.
One of the most difficult tasks of the coach is to find a good partner for each of the leaders. The partners of the first line are not very good, and it will not help the team to fight in the fight for a place in the European zone. The second line is not so good, too; the players of the second line are tired of playing in the Europa League.
As a result, the coach will not have a very good chance to win the title, and he will have problems with the players who have not been in the team for a long time.
Why is Liverpool the main favorite of the season?
There are many reasons that make Liverpool the favorite of this year”s championship.
1). Good selection of team.
Most of the teams are not able, or not ready, to play with such a large number of stars.

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